As Sure CBD, truly believe that the magical chemical element in CBD oil that has astonishing healing resources. Fingers are crossed that in future that each and everyone will know the valuable benefits of CBD oil. In the meantime, we continue in educating and spreading awareness about taking CBD oil and hemp oil. And to the best of knowledge to provide up-to-date information about Cannabis use and also we came up with the Top CBD hemp oil Providers online after personal experiences and research.

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Vers Naturals

Vers Naturals

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  • Pure CBD Hemp Oil
  • Colordo, USA Made
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Highland Pharms

  • Tinctures, Vape Oil, Gummies, and Edibles
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Nuleaf naturals

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Healthy HEMP OIL

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Introduction to CBD Oil

This is the right place to learn about all type of CBD products or how to Buy CBD oil. If you are a person like me encountering anxiety, stress or pain and depression then you have the right to know more about CBD or hemp oil.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol is a chemical component extracted from Cannabis that has remarkable medicinal benefits. Although, there is at least  61 active CBD that has been discovered in Cannabis plant out of 400 variety of chemical compounds from the extract which has hitched with a wide multifarious of physiological medicinal compounds for the human body, which reacts to the endocannabinoid system. Despite THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive substance and doesn’t make you feel high, in fact, CBD can counterpoise THC which is a psychoactive substance.

Major precedence about CBD, that the non-psychoactive substance can help in treating people those undergo seizures, sleeping disorders, insomnia, arthritis and conditions like epilepsy. It also helps in being an anti-cancer component because of its neuroprotective and neurogenic effects which recent studies have been investigated and moreover, CBD is safe not only for adults as well as for children.

The Basic difference between CBD and hemp is that both are extracted from the same plant Cannabis, but hemp is extricated from the seeds of cannabis, that contains fatty oil substance and CBD is done by different extraction process from the flower, leaf, and stalk of the hemp because the cannabidiol content is high.

How does CBD react to Our body?

Be it any medicine the effects always varies from person to person as it relies on the genetics, medical issues, DNA and how the cannabinoids can be tolerant. So, as to understand how CBD can affect our body function we need to scrutinize CB1 and CB2 receptors in what ways it can involve with other chemical components.

There are three terms that we need to know firstly:

Agonists – It’s a chemical substance that collides with a receptor that operates the receptor to produce a biological response.

Inverse agonists – It’s an also a chemical substance that collides to the same receptor as the agonist here the response is pharmacological.

Antagonists – its just opposite of agonist as it restrains or irrigates the function of the receptor.

Cannabidiol indirectly reciprocates with the endocannabinoid system which has various effects, that has astonished scientists and doctors and the research still carried on. And there are some characteristics of CBD:

It has an explicit effect on the CB1 receptor which intense and all the cannabinoids has an escalating effect that has collided with the receptor CB1.

In the brain, the cannabinoid acts as a receptor agonist that is 5-HT1, which means that CBD has an effective medicinal value such as an anodyne, whereas there are no side effects.

For receptor CB2, it acts as an inverse agonist, which makes receptor CB2 less reactive because of the condense effects of the cannabinoid.

And for the receptor GPR55, it acts as an antagonist, which is a component of the endocannabinoid system which is still being experimented.

Although, the observations made on CBD functions with the endocannabinoid system within the body of the effects are well illustrated. As of the scientists aren’t clear about the cannabidiol effects are occurring, the only possibility can be through receptor GPR55 or through any other collateral effects that discovery has to be made.

If you like to know more detail about CBD kindly read: How Long Does it Take CBD to Work

Medical Benefits of CBD

Though there are many controversies and random misconception revolves around CBD in treating people with anxiety, stress, pain and so many. But nowadays, there are many medical studies have been conducted to explore the medical benefits of CBD oil. Well, many research scholars have been very busy publishing their discoveries on how CBD oil is useful in treating several health conditions.

It all started several years ago when there was a great battle for using cannabis products for medical treatment. A little girl named Charlotte recovered from Dravet Syndrome with CBD oil after her grandfather heard it from the real success stories and doctors also gave up all the clinical treatments. And it named Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil.

Many researchers believed that the reason for her successful recovery is because of high quality CBD oil. It completely changed her life and help her to live her life without seizures. This incident made the whole medical industry to think. They were researching in-depth to find the best way to use CBD oil for several medical conditions. And also, there were many studies on how to effectively use Cannabis plants for treatments. As a result, more than 180 conditions have been identified to be treated with CBD which includes Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Arthritis pain, Cancer, Stress, Sleep disorder and so many.

Over the past decade, the growing experiments done on Cannabidiol, THC and the benefits of the CBD oil shows treating the symptoms as advised by the doctors to the patients and the research studies reports including the recommendation of the dosage and the types of cannabinoid medicines. Several studies have shown that CBD can be a better solution for chronic pain. Many people had given their personal experiences on the internet.

Cannabinoids interact with brain receptors and stimulate CNS. It provokes 2 major receptors such as CB1 and CB2. When a person with severe pain takes CBD oil or any CBD products it will help his brain to block the pain sensation.

Though there are many clinical studies on exposing its effective results, the CBD research is still going on. As per recent studies conducted, CBD oil for pain has shown tremendous results with CBD oil users. When compared to people who have taken synthetic medication, people who have taken CBD oil has slowly seen the positive results from it.

Is it legal to buy CBD oil from a state where buying CBD oil is illegal?

The entire process of buying CBD oil is not quite dry yet every user thank the recent Farm bill act. Due to that, it is much simpler to get CBD products delivered to your home. People who are living in the states where it is completely legal to use or buy cannabis products for medical use to help with treating any medical illness. However, people who live in the states where it is illegal to use CBD can look into CBD hemp oil since CBD hemp oil is the best for relieving from pain or anxiety or depression.

Who is As Sure CBD?

I am Joey Pena, I work with Gary Robbins, my friends who love to seek a solution to health problems. When I come to know about CBD oil, I wanted to share this with the world yet I don’t have the right medium to do. That’s where I decided to start my own medium as “As sure CBD” to provide useful and recent updates on CBD oil. To take my work to another level, I started a facebook community page to help people to make right understanding about CBD oil. To get a clear understanding of what industry I am talking about, I review CBD products of different brands on a weekly basis. And I also deliver impartial reviews for the top CBD oil Vendors or manufacturers.

The Good Thing about As Sure CBD: You are free to use this site, You are free to share the information that you might find interesting and worth sharing to your friends or people who badly needs an advice.

Note from Joey Pena: I did a lot of research to deliver the right information. Mostly I rely on a research paper and buzz news around CBD industry yet no individual is allowed to take the information provided here directly to help with medical treatment.

Read, Share As Sure CBD for your health and happiness around you.