’s privacy policy will have the same meaning as that of the site’s terms of use. The terms of use can be accessed within the site. There will no exception in this unless it has been specifically mentioned in the privacy policy. In this policy, you will find the following terms being used in relations to information. The terms include “using” as well as “processing.” These terms will also cover the use of cookies both on mobile phones and computers, putting the information into analysis such as statistical and other types. This information can be used or handled in but in no way limited to the collection of information, evaluation, and storage of the information. The information can be modified, used, deleted, disclosed, combined, and transferred within our organization. These activities can happen in our branches in the United States, Europe or any other part of the world. The right to modify this policy is reserved with us and we will modify it from time to time based on requirements. So, users are advised to frequently check the policy and keep themselves updated on the latest policy.
How we collect the information?

We have three ways through which we collect information

The first way is straightforward. We gather information from you when you decide to become a registered user with us. This will allow you access to parts of our service that are not available to non-registered users.

The second way through which we collect information is when you use an existing account you have with social networking sites (third party of course). These social network sites include, but in no way limited to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. We allow you to create an account and log in using the credentials of your Google+ account. You can sign in the sign in page of Google+. However, if you do not have an account in Google+, the sign in page of Google+ will allow you to create a new account and then sign into site using that account.

The third way is an indirect way. Cookies and log data are used to collect certain types of information from you. This collection is done when either browse or make use of the services we provide. How this information is collected will be explained in the section below.

Types of information we collect and what we do with them?

Personal information: Whenever you decide to access our services by registering yourself as a registered user, you might be asked to provide us with certain information that can help not only identify you, but also contact you. This information can include but is no way limited to your name, email address, telephone number, a name of your company, and information related to your credit card. In case you decide to create an account that you can access via account you have in social networking sites. If that is the case the personal information you have provided on these SNS will be used for creating your account with us. The amount of access to the information available to us depends on the privacy setting of the social networking site. Thus, you should consult the data practices as well as the privacy settings of the social networking sites.

Registration of your account: The account you use to access our services will be created based on the personal information provided by you.
Communication: We at will use the personal information provided by you to communicate and provide you with newsletter and other materials. These materials will include promotional materials, marketing materials as well as other materials that we feel will be of interest to you. You will receive these newsletters and materials only as long as you desire them. If and when you desire not receive them, you can unsubscribe from them. The instructions on how you can stop these communications from reaching you will be found in each communication.
Customer Service: The personal information provided by you will be used by our customer support to answer any queries and/or questions you might have.
Billing: will use the personal information provided by you to send you the bill. The bill will consist of charges for the services we have provided for you.
Non-personal information: There is other information that we collect from you. This information is provided when you register your account, operate your account, and personalize your account. This information cannot be used to either identify you or contact you. This information includes your individualized preferences and your age. Both the personal and non-personal information collected from you and other users of will be combined and aggregated together so that we can improve the experience we provide and ensure that both the value and quality of our services to you are improved. Not only that by understanding and analyzing them we can understand why you use the services provided by us. That does not mean we aggregate all the information we receive. In fact, there is some information provided by you that we do not aggregate. This information is used solely to provide services and products that match your preferences as well as do not violate your restrictions.

Mobile app: We have developed a mobile app that allows our users to not only access their accounts using their mobiles but also make use of our services. However, we wish to inform you that the clauses found in this policy apply to all those who use our services. It does not matter if they access them through our website or mobile app.

Log data: It does not matter if you are visiting our website as a registered user or just browsing through our site as a non-registered user, the servers we use will automatically start collecting information about you. This happens irrespective of whether you are using a web browser on your computer and/or phone or the app developed by us. This information collected by our servers will include things such as the browser you have used, the webpage you had visited before coming to our site, the different web pages of our site you have visited, and the section of our mobile app you have used. We also calculate the time you have spent on each section or page, the information you used to find our services, the time you accessed, and the data you accessed our site.

The purpose of collecting this information is to monitor the services provided by us as well as do the technical administration of these services. Through the proper analysis of this information, we can do the following. Improve the functionality of our services, make our services more user-friendly and make them tailored to suit the needs of the people who visit our website.

The best example is we use the information gathered will help us identify you when you visit our website and based on this information we can decide which advertisements to show you. Also, we can determine the pieces of information that will be appreciated by you and show them to you. But, we do not stop there. We use this information to determine if the visitor who has made a request for a service is eligible (met the criteria set for the service) and decide to provide our services.

To go a step further we make use the services of third parties. These parties are hired to both monitor as well as analyze the experience you receive. By using the service of these third parties we improve the overall experience you get when you visit our website.

Cookies usage:, like many of the sites that provide services online, makes use of cookies on our services. These cookies are small data files that we transfer from our server to computer and/or mobile. We make use of these cookies for a few purposes. The most important use of these cookies is to store your login credentials. This will make it easier for you to login the next time you visit our site. For this purpose, we use “persistent” cookies. Certain services have features that need to be enabled.

For this as well as enabling us to understand the reason why you or any of the traffic visiting us come to our site. For these purposes, we use “session ID” cookies. The difference between “persistent” and “session ID” cookies is that “session ID” is deleted once you log off from our service and shut down the app or browser. Every browser has a feature in its settings that allows to stop it from accepting cookies or pop a notice to you allowing you to decide whether you want to accept these cookies or not. We must, however, warn you that to be able to use certain features of our services, you must accept these cookies.

Furthermore, we have already mentioned that we have hired the services of third party providers including Google analytics to monitor how our site is performing as well as know from where the traffic to our website is coming from. So, by choosing to engage and use the services of you admit that you are aware of the possible third-party providers that we use. Also, you not only aware of these third-party providers but also have read their privacy policies and thus, you will not put any damage claims against or anyone associated with us. This includes the directors of the company, owners, and the employees of

You must also understand that your browser settings cannot block certain “persistent” cookies like flash cookies. Another thing we wish to inform you is that we make use of cookies to enable users to track user information. This will help determine the pages or sections that the visitor has seen and determine the pattern of traffic that visits our site as well as gauge how popular each of our services is. By doing this we will have at our disposal the information we need to provide you with the content and services that are relevant to you.

Sharing the information we obtained from you

Non-personal and aggregated information: The information we share will be aggregated and will not contain any personal information. This along with log data and non-personal information will be shared with third parties for the purpose of demographic profiling, industry analysis, as well as other purposes. We assure you all the information shared will not contain any of your personal information.
Service providers: There may be times when we have to hire third-party companies as well as individuals. This is done to facilitate the services we provide, provide these services to you on our behalf, and to perform services that related to the services provided by us. They may also be hired to properly analyze the purpose for which you are using our services. We cannot guarantee that third parties will not share your personal information. They are provided access to this information so that they help provides services to you and they do have an obligation to safeguard your personal information.
Respecting the laws as well as law enforcement agencies: has respected both the government and the law and will cooperate with the government as well as both law enforcement agencies and private agencies to enforce the law. Should your personal information be needed by private parties, government officials, and the government, we will use our discretion.
Business transfer: In case takes part in mergers, joint ventures, acquisitions, reorganizations, dissolution or any such transactions, then we reserve the right to transfer the in part or all the information mentioned in the policy.

Use of information:

When it comes to the use of information regarding our services you have three choices.

Email communication: We use your personal information to send you emails that might be promotional or transactional in nature. In any period of time, you can choose to stop receiving these emails. To do so, you have to unsubscribe for which the instructions are given in every communication.
Cookies: Cookies are needed to ensure that certain features of our services are available to you. However, if you want, you can stop your browser from accepting these cookies instantly. Change your browser setting to reject or prompt the question to you. But as we have mentioned earlier, by not accepting these cookies you would be able to access certain services.
De-Linking social networking sites: At any moment of time, if you wish to stop using your social networking site account to access our site, you can do so. If that is the case you should contact us as soon as possible.
Exposure to third party service providers

Many people use the services provided by and they may use it for different reasons. In case you end up having a conversation with one of these users, you must remember that whatever happens is strictly between two. has no part in it and will not accept responsibility for it. We do monitor the materials given by our clients, but we do not have any control over either the material or the services they provide. These third parties might place cookies in your mobile or computer and these are governed by their privacy policy. Thus, you should go through their privacy policy and decide if you want their cookies in your phone or computer.

Security of information:

Information security: places utmost importance on providing security to your information and that is why we ask you not to share this information. Forgetting your password is not a problem. Just send us your ID and we will send a link to your registered email id that you can use to create a new one. In the end, the ultimate responsibility of maintaining the secrecy of your identification lies with you. We cannot guarantee the safety of your personal information if you share it with others or the authenticity of the information you receive from others.

We have taken all necessary measures to ensure that the security and integrity of the information are maintained. However, it is not possible to guarantee that, the personal information is highly secure. has taken steps to ensure that people do not steal your identity and this is our highest priority.

In the case of a breach in our systems, we will follow all the legal requirement when reporting the breach. We will inform you as well as the concerned authorities. In addition to that, we will take steps to restore the integrity of the data.

Rights concerning your information

The right to access as well as edit your personal information lies with you.

Regarding information concerning children has a policy that forbids providing service for individuals below the age of 18. We do not collect information from such individuals. In case you, as a parent or guardian find that your child has provided such information without your consent, then inform us we will delete the information immediately.

Contacting us about the policy

In case you have any queries or questions about the policy presented on this page, then please use the contact information found on our site.