How are hemp plants grown? Are they organic?

Hemp plants are extensively cultivated in the United States especially in Oregon, Vermont and Colorado farms. They are 100% organic hemp plants as they are cultivated without using any chemical fertilizers. Our products are extensively grown in Colorado and we source our hemp directly from farmers.

How does Pharmaceutical grade hemp differ from industrial hemp?

Industrial hemp plants are cultivated around the world for using in several industrial applications, especially in cooking, waxing and paint varnishes. Marijuana belongs to non-industrial hemp plant category.

The difference between industrial hemp plants and Pharmaceutical grade hemp is the presence of the psychoactive cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Industrial hemp plant is low in THC and in other cannabinoids.

Pharmaceutical grade hemp is especially grown for its cannabinoids where the extracted hemp oil is rich in cannabinoids including THC and are filtered based on their requirement. Pharmaceutical grade hemp oil includes a combination of CBD, terpenes and THC while isolated forms has only the cannabidiol compound.

How Much CBD is good to Take?

There is no specific dosage level recommended as of now for CBD oil because the FDA has only approved it as a health supplement. The optimal dosage of CBD oil will depend on certain factors such as body weight , tolerance to CBD and severity of illness. Therefore, it can vary from one individual to another and one size fits all rules does not apply for CBD oil.

For instance if you are suffering with any chronic medical health condition such as social anxiety , depression or epilepsy then you may require a higher dosage of CBD oil than normally

suggested and for general well-being, a minimal dosage suits best. It is always recommended to consult with your doctor before taking CBD oil regularly in your dietary regimen.

We sell CBD oil at a minimal concentration of 25 mg. If it is a 15 ml bottle, then 1 ml of CBD oil contains 1.66 mg of CBD. If your physician has recommended you to take 5 mg of CBD every day, then you have to take 3 ml of CBD oil to meet your requirement.

This is just an example of how to calculate the dosage of CBD oil that you need for your body based on a doctor’s recommendation. You can always start with a minimal dose of 1 ml per day and gradually increase it after monitoring its effects on your body. Check out our blog to know more

How Long Does CBD Take to Work in our body?

The most preferred method of taking CBD oil is through the sublingual method; where you add two to three drops of CBD oil and hold it under the tongue for few seconds before swallowing it. This is considered as the fastest effectivedelivery of CBD oil as it can reach the brain byentering the bloodstream from the blood vessels under the tongue.

In this method you can expect to see results within 20 to 30 minutes. This is just the average time taken for CBD to react with the receptors in your body to produce immediate results.

For CBD capsules, edibles and topical ointments, the time to see effective results will range between 2 to 3 hours after usage. CBD vape oil is also a quicker way as it takes just 10-15 minutes for CBD to react in your body.

However, the efficacy of CBD will definitely depend on the type of administration and tolerance to CBD. In most cases, you will always experience a gentle release of pain when you take CBD oil in proper amounts.

How to Know the Right Number of Drops?

Most people have this question when they use CBD oil initially because the contents in the label usually states 10 drops as the serving size on the bottle.

CBD oil which is sold by us usually consists of 50 grams of cannabinoids per ml of CBD oil . Hence, one drop of CBD oil consists of 2.4 milligrams of CBD.

For example, if you have to take 10 milligram of CBD oil every day then 4 drops will be sufficient to meet the required dosage. Based on this simple calculation you can increase or reduce the dosage of CBD oil based on your physician recommendation.

Can I Take Too Much of CBD oil? Will It Cause Any Side Effects?

No, CBD oil is considered to be a non -psychoactive and non-toxic substance which does not cause any adverse side effects in both humans and animals. Overdose of CBD oil is nearly impossible because it does not cause any euphoric highness or intoxication effects. Therefore, you can never take too much of CBD oil.

Can I Take It with My Current Prescription Medication?

Even though CBD oil is approved for use as a health supplement, it is a strong Holistic medicine that can interact with vital part s of your body especially the brain and central nervous system. Most prescription medications also interact with these two vital parts of your body so, we suggest you to consult your doctor before including it as a dietary supplement in your body if you are suffering with any medical condition.

You must always check the compatibility of CBD oil with the prescription medication to prevent side effects. As a general rule, we suggest not to use CBD oil along with other prescription medications to avoid complication s.

Will I Get Addicted to CBD Oil?

No, CBD oil does not post any threats of addiction or overdose issues because of its non-psychoactive property. Even when you take CBD oil in higher doses , it may not trigger any sense of addictive behaviour or a dependency issue. Therefore, it is safe to use regularly in your diet.

Is It Safe for Children or Pet animals?

Yes, CBD is 100% safe for children and pet animals. The preliminary results of many clinical trials have shown that CBD is effective in managing symptoms of several medical conditions in both children and animals especially, dogs and it can be effective without causing any side effects .

How Does It Taste?

CBD oil is slightly bitter in taste because it is extracted from the raw hemp plant extract. Some people may find CBD oil difficult to consume while others may find it tolerable. It totally depends on your taste buds.

However, to increase your enthusiasm we can assure you that CBD oil is mostly mixed with carrier oil s such as coconut oil or MCT to make the oil taste good for the consumers. So, in comparison . these products taste better than raw CBD oil.

Can I Place the Order for your products on the Phone?

It is generally easy to place orders directly online on our website as we have limited resources to attend calls during business hours. Our website is fully secure and safe to order and pay through the encrypted online payment facilities. O nline orders take lesser time to approve and ship than phone orders because of the long processes involved in it.

Why There is a Difference in Colour of CBD Oil?

The colour of the CBD oil depends on the concentration of cannabinoids present and it typically ranges between light golden colour to dark golden colour. R aw hemp plant extract is usually rich in a variety of cannabinoids such as CBC , CBG, CBN , terpenes and THC. These cannabinoids work together in full spectrum CBD oil to produce greater results in its consumers. However, the ratios of these cannabinoids can vary in each part of hemp plant extract which contributes to the difference in the colour of CBD oil.

Do You Have Any Discount Offers for Buyers?

Based upon the availability of our products and the demands of our customers, we may run offers and discounts at certain periods. Feel free to check our website when you buy cbd oil to know about the latest offers and deals as we keep updating it regularly.

Why Is It So Expensive?

No, our products are affordable, not cheap. You can compare it with several Brands. We could not give at a cheap price as we are improving our product quality. CBD oil is difficult to produce the product because of the numerous steps involved in extracting good quality pure CBD oil.

It generally takes about months to extract purest forms of CBD oil using raw hemp plant extracts. We employ the CO2 extraction process to keep our products free of chemical solvents, harmful additives, and unwanted residues. This is an expensive method of extracting CBD oil but the end product is 99 % pure.

Since we give higher purity and concentration of CBD in our products, it might be in a slightly higher price range. But as far as CBD oil is concerned, full spectrum CBD oil is considered to be the most effective forms of CBD oil as a rounded blend of cannabinoids work together to produce best results in your body. Instead of considering it as expensive, check the concentration of CBD to know the real value of the product.

How and Where Can I Store CBD Oil?

It is best to store CBD oil at room temperature but out of direct sunlight on the counter top. The shelf life of CBD oil is about two years.

When can I get my product?

You have a lot of option in deciding your delivery duration. You can visit shipping policy here.