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Assure CBD – The Journey of Assure CBD till 2019!

Assure CBD – The Journey of Assure CBD till 2019!

Assure CBD is one of the rapidly developing CBD companies in the United States post its inception in 2018. The website was rebuilt as an online store featuring some of the best superior quality CBD oil products in the industry.

It took us a lot of time, effort and determination to convert our company into a reputed shopping website. was one of the finest review sites posting wonderful reviews about the popular brands of CBD oil which were thoroughly explored and reviewed by an author named Joey Penna. The team of authors was determined to analyze the growth of the CBD oil market to understand its popularity among the consumers.

Owing to its immense demand among the users, assure CBD was started as a local store in 2017 with a wide range of CBD oil products but due to financial constraints the local store could not be expanded and operated regularly.

When the 2018 farm bill was issued, we decided to further explore the interest of people in CBD oil products and check the testing processes of several manufacturers for ensuring the quality and purity of CBD.

We understood that most people were looking out for pharmaceutical grade superior quality CBD oil which was effective for many medical conditions.

We are assisted with CBD business experts

Hence, our team of experts worked on formulating the best quality of CBD oil based on the reviews and interest of our readers and the growing market value of CBD in the medical industry.

After finding out the best suitable CBD oil products, we have re-launched our website as a premium place for buying the best quality CBD oil products online. Check the press release to find out in depth about our products and the team of experts who have come up in choosing the right CBD products for our customers.

We have a dedicated team of Cannabis experts, sales managers and staff working together to make this venture a success. Joey Pena who was the reviewer of CBD oil products is currently the chief editor of the website.

We are immensely proud in bringing high-quality CBD oil products through our website directly to our customers to help them choose the right products without compromising the quality.

Check our periodical updates on the official Twitter and Facebook page of to learn more about our website and products. We invite you all to share the journey of Assure CBD in 2019. Visit Assure CBD website to begin this journey with us.