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CBD oil for Pet animals Is it safe

Everyone has pets today but managing the pets is definitely a great issue for caretakers all over the world. Managing pets and their health can be a huge challenge since it can be very depressing when a dear pet falls sick for no identified reason. The pets won’t even be able to communicate it to their owners and often they have no words to describe to their vet doctors, who charge a lump of fees for bad caretaking practices. Hence, many lifestyle improving food supplements are being given to pets to ensure that they stay health with enhanced well-being. One such food supplement that is being given to pets at a higher rate is CBD oil. CBD oil is definitely a controversial food supplement that is debatable. But many users have claimed that their pets have regained better lifestyle and that CBD oil makes them calm and comfortable. Also, this oil might be good for the pets that suffer from aches and joint pains. However, CBD oil can’t be used blindly by owners and they will have to check twice if it is safe before they use it on their pets. This post is aimed at decoding whether CBD oil is safe for your pet animals.

Interaction of CBD oil with animal endocannabinoid system

You might already be aware that CBD oil interacts with the Endocannabinoid system for various functions and benefits. Incidentally, animals also have this ECS system and hence, CBD oil must bring in good benefits even in the case of animals. However, there are few differences in the way CBD oil must be used for humans and animals and also on the reactive approach for both the species.

Can I use CBD oil for my pet?

When it comes to CBD oil for pets, bodies like American Kennel Club can be very useful and trustworthy to raise questions. Also funding is going on to study how CBD oil benefits dogs that experience tremors. However, please do not give your dogs the CBD oil that you use. They must be provided with specific pet CBD oil products that are specially formulated to suit the needs of pet dogs and not harm them in any way. Also, the size of your pet can play an important role and hence, make sure you serve CBD oil in appropriate amounts based on these calculations.

CBD Benefits and side effects for pets

Pets are definitely going to be benefitted from CBD oil in the way humans get benefitted from it. This is because we both have the ECS in our body and the interaction of CBD oil with ECS can really reap in huge benefits. However, when it comes to side effects, the same route becomes a bit tricky. The side effects in pets can be risky since they won’t be able to communicate to us about the problem. Hence, it is the responsibility of the pet owner to stay cautious and alert with the side effects. Some of the side effects of CBD oil for pets are

  • Weakness
  • Lethargic reactions
  • Dryness in mouth
  • Diarrhea and Constipation

These side effects might seem to be very minor but when they aren’t looked upon on time, they might lead to some serious consequences in the long run. Make sure that you keep water near your pets in cases of any uncomfortable scenarios.

Talk to your VET about CBD

We have just put across certain points and we do not by any means advocate the voice of vet doctors or other experts. Hence, it is better if you go talk to a professional veterinary in your State who can help you through the process. Actually, you can’t talk about CBD to all vets and you will have to see whether they are authorized to do it. And also you will have to start about CBD to your vet for thoughtful insights.  You need not be afraid to talk to your vet about CBD, but make sure that the vet is well versed with CBD oil, or else you will have to do your own research to come up with conclusions.


It can be safe or not safe depending upon the circumstances. So, it is better to make sure that your CBD oil company has certain certificates to offer it to you, in order to prove their authenticity. Also make sure if the CBD oil is THC free without any ingredients that could harm your pets. On the whole, consulting a vet before making any decision could ensure the safety of your pets even more.