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How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

How Much CBD Oil Should I Take

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CBD oil is legally approved for use as a natural health supplement and not as a treatment for any medical condition. Even though there are various anecdotal pieces of evidence supporting the use of CBD oil in managing the symptoms of several chronic health conditions, there is no particular recommendation for its dosage level.

Each type of CBD products has efficacy and concentration which makes it difficult to give a standard dosage level for CBD oil. The quality and purity of CBD oil vary from one brand to another and it is necessary to check the contents in the labels of each bottle of CBD oil to understand the amount of dosage you need to take regularly. Before you buy cbd oil you should be aware of how much CBD oil is safe to take. Following your doctor prescribed dosage, you can take CBD oil that will not lead to any severe side effects.

Ways to know the amount of CBD oil you should take

If you want to know How much CBD oil should I take? then you can follow these possible ways to find out.

  1. Check with the online store support team to explain their products.
  2. Enquire about CBD concentration and how much it can be taken by talking with CBD experts from the place where you are buying it.
  3. Consult chiropractors or any healthcare professionals who are authorized to give advice on CBD dosage
  4. Check with FDA or medical journal sites to look into studies to decide on how much CBD oil should an individual take.

At Assure CBD, the serving size chart will be attached to the product as manual. It was based on the manufacturer and Laboratory test reports. You can also check with our product page for serving size of each product. Assure CBD will not provide any dosage guidance over the phone call to avoid further problems.

How To Know the serving size?

Many people follow a simple technique of sticking to the “suggested serving size” on the bottle they purchase and follow it regularly to gain its benefits. This may not work accurately for everyone because there are certain factors that you must consider while taking CBD oil to calculate the right dosage suitable for your needs. Get to know the right serving size by consulting your healthcare professional.

Basic Rules for administering CBD oil

The basic rules that must be followed when administering CBD oil are that you should take CBD oil in drops through the sublingual method to evaluate the amount of CBD you are taking every day. And the bigger you are in size, the more CBD you may require to see effective results. Your physician will help you to figure out the right CBD amount.

Most people may not know the daily recommended dosage of CBD oil, but there are many websites where people who have used the product have shared their experiences. Some people have stuck to a minimal dosage ranging between 5 mg to 25 mg per day while others went up to 50 mg per day based on their medical conditions.

This is a random number and it is always best to check your body weight and severity of your condition for which you are using CBD oil to calculate the optimal doses for your body. For example, if you are an average-sized person say, 60 kg suffering from chronic anxiety, then you might need 10 mg of CBD oil every day to improve your anxiety symptoms. And if you are suffering from any other major mental health disorder or cancer, you may need about 25 mg of CBD every day to see favorable results.

We cannot fix the ideal range of dosage of CBD oil because it depends on the individual. Minimal dosage is always best, to begin with as you have to know how your body is reacting to CBD oil and whether it is tolerant to CBD before you can increase its dosage gradually. The physician would prescribe a lower dose at the initial stage for your medical treatment.

Figure out the dosage

Most of the companies sell CBD oil with the concentration of 10 milligrams to 25 milligrams of CBD and the suggested options are that you must take 10 drops of CBD oil to meet the required dosage levels for your body condition. However, you can always adjust the dosage to your tolerance level.

It is important to remember that there is no one size fits all formula with CBD dosage because the amount varies from individual to individual depending on the factors mentioned earlier. It is best to consult your healthcare provider to calculate the right optimal amount of dosage of CBD oil for your health condition.

Avoid overdosing with CBD oil

Avoid overdosing with CBD oilCBD does not cause any adverse side effects such as intoxication and overdose of CBD oil is nearly impossible. Experts who have used CBD oil have mentioned that less is always good with CBD oil because even a minimum amount of CBD dosage regularly can do wonders for your health. You may not always require a large dose of CBD oil to get effective results.

Try incorporating a small amount of CBD oil to your body and check how it is reacting to it. Monitor the results and adjust the dosage as necessary. If you are suffering from any severe medical condition and you are taking prescription medications already, then it is best to consult your doctor first before administering CBD oil as an alternative treatment for the same condition. You must know the compatibility between these two drugs to prevent any side effects.

Do not trust unauthorized information about CBD oil serving size on the internet

Several brands refer you to read on this website: to know how much CBD oil you should take. But there is no information about who provided the information, on what basis they concluded the dosage. There is no name available on that site and only that page is available to a user. So the information on that page cannot be trusted. The users of Assure CBD are requested not to take any information available on the internet as medical advice.

For Beginners

If you are a beginner in taking CBD oil as a dietary supplement for general wellbeing, then it is best to start with very minimal dosage to make your body become familiar with the drug before increasing its dosage. Every person is different and the reaction you expect from CBD oil may differ from one person to another. Therefore, don’t blindly use the same amount of CBD oil recommended for one of your loved ones as your dosage, because it may not work for you in a similar manner. Consult the doctor and get the feedback from them.


As far as general guidance about CBD oil is concerned, starting with lower dosage per day is effective for most people and depending upon the severity of their illness they gradually increase the dosage level after consulting with the medical practitioner.

Assure CBD always recommends you to monitor your doses and be experimental when it comes to CBD oil because it has got immense therapeutic properties that can benefit you for a number of conditions. Therefore, be patient and open-minded when using this alternative treatment for improving your health.