Shipping and Return policy


Assure CBD offer fastest delivery to more than 50 states in the United States. Our products will be shipped within 3 days of placing your order through the USPS priority mail under Free shipping. We also have one day express delivery services within the United States.  However, to obtain one-day express services we might charge an additional cost of $20 to ship through the express delivery system.

For normal delivery, no additional charge

For one day shipping, $20 is the shipping charge


You are eligible to return new, used and unopened products back to us to claim a full refund of the product within 90 days of delivery.  If you are returning the product because of a defect or error from our end, you will receive a full refund for the item as well as the shipping cost will be bared by the company.  In case of returns because of own personal issues, then you can return the damaged product only after verification and the shipping cost must be taken care by you.


You can exchange an incorrect, defective or damaged product upon arrival without any additional cost. We will ship a new defect-free product back to you within a few days.


After you return your product to the shipper, you can expect a refund within 4 weeks and in some cases, you will receive the refund much earlier than expected. The average time taken for receiving the product and processing your refund will be about 20 business days and the time for the bank to process your refund will be 5 to 10 business days. Therefore, we request you to wait for a maximum of 20 days to get your refund for the product. In case of any problems regarding refunds, you can definitely contact us at website to help us resolve the issue as early as possible.

Additional Information

For any queries, questions or doubts regarding shipping, returns and refunds, please contact us at