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Top 10 things about CBD oil in Florida


It is not surprising that CBD oil faced a lot of controversy and strict laws in the US. Some of the present stringent laws surrounding CBD oil can be very confusing since people do not even understand if this oil is legal for them to buy at their place. However, the farm bill 2018 has ensured that the growth of hemp all over the United States of America is legal if it is done properly after procuring the necessary license. CBD oil and food supplements are becoming very popular now due to the efficiency of these products to restore health and well-being. However, some customers are still concerned with CBD oil since they feel it comes from the cannabis plant and that it could make them high. To clear the air, CBD oil obtained from hemp is a part of the cannabis family and it does not make people high or whatsoever.

If you are from Florida and you are all geared up to buy CBD oil, there are certain things you must be aware of before you set out on your mission. This post has been formulated to impart all necessary information on CBD oil in Florida. So, please proceed for more information on the same.

General Cannabis-related laws in Florida

Cannabis has been approved for medical use in Florida from 2016. Hence, it is good news for the residents of Florida that they are eligible for the medical marijuana card if they satisfy all criteria. This card is issued by a qualified and licensed marijuana doctor. So, this card can help you buy marijuana legally from the licensed dispensaries that sell these products. However, the State of Florida has not given its nod to the approval of recreational marijuana. People only with the medical card can buy marijuana for their medical uses.

This medical card is also valid to buy CBD oil in Florida from the licensed marijuana pharmacies. Even in the New York state, the bill was passed after much drama and conflicts, where the marijuana growers were provided with contracts to grow plants legally.

What is Hemp’s legal status in Florida?

After the Farm Bill 2018 was passed, the Hemp plant is legal to be grown all over the State of America for industrial purposes. This makes the Hemp plant legal in Florida too, with a fairly advanced hemp industry present in Florida. The hemp received from Florida is not the greatest in quality; however, immense pilot research is going on identify an study the plant for its various uses.

CBD Oil is not Cannabis oil

Some of the users confuse Cannabis oil for CBD oil. To make it clear, Cannabis oil is the one that is extracted from the Cannabis plant. And this oil has higher amounts of a psychoactive compound called THC. But the CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant that is a member of the marijuana family. Hence, CBD oil has lesser amounts of THC and is safe to use and also it does not make people high. Cannabis oil can now be purchased at licensed marijuana shops with the medical marijuana card. However, hemp is legal in most parts of the State including Florida and hence, CBD oil can be bought with ease from offline stores or in the online markets.

Is it legal to use CBD oil in Florida?

The 2018 Farm Bill has made it very easy for hemp to become legal all over the State including Florida. Though Hemp has now been approved for commercial use, there are certain rules and licenses that are necessary for other states of America excluding Florida. Yes, it is indeed good news for Florida citizens since they could now have their hands on CBD oil without any fuss. CBD oil is definitely an effective supplement that can help people improve their well-being and also change lifestyle for better. Hence, CBD oil is open for everyone in the Florida state to use and you might need a medical marijuana card only if you opt for cannabis oil.

Two types of CBD oil in Florida

CBD oil, as we mentioned earlier is legal in Florida; however, you can opt for the one that is manufactured with less than 0.3% of THC or the ones that have more amount of THC in them. The CBD oil with more amount of THC is usually available only with the medical marijuana card since more amount of THC could mean psychoactive properties. But if you are going for the CBD oil with less than 0.35 THC, then you can get it all over your place in Canada through various sources.

Buying CBD oil in Florida

To buy CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC, you can very well go to the organic stores near your or try buying this supplement at online stores, where you might even get it at a discounted price. Online stores can be even more advantageous since they deliver your CBD online on time and you can very well be relaxed once you place your order. The thing you must keep in your mind is that you have to check the drug laws of your country before ordering CBD oil from online.

Benefits of less than 0.3% THC CBD oil in Florida

More than the health benefits associated with this standard CBD oil in Florida, you need not worry about any laws and drug tests as you might pass them with CBD oil that has less than 0.3% THC. Also, the lack of mind-changing effects and compliance with the guidelines makes it safe to use for people in Florida.

How to be sure the CBD oil you get in Florida is potent and pure?

More than the company or the online store’s word about their CBD oil product, you can always go through posts and research reviews on the authenticity of the product. Also, referring to the third-party lab results can come handy in helping you find the right online vendor for CBD oil in Florida.

Are cheaper CBD oils in Florida better?

Cheaper CBD oils are always not better since the cost of CBD oil extraction takes a huge toll on the price. Organically grown hemp oil in Florida is definitely not cheaper and you can always go for the trustworthy online stores that sell CBD oil at a reasonable price in Florida.


If you are all worried about buying CBD oil in Florida, then don’t get nervous as it is legal all over the State of Florida. It can be purchased by any individual but make sure you choose the right store and a renowned brand for your CBD oil purchase.